Our Athletix Group Training Program allows athletes to attend unlimited group training sessions Monday - Friday, plus Unlimited Open Gym Usage 7 days a week. The program begins with our Starter Program which consist of 6 Private Sessions with one of our world class strength & conditioning coaches. You will learn proper form & technique on all the movements of the program. You will also learn how to use our equipment and smart phone app for our daily training sessions. You will also receive a Body Composition Analysis which will show us your current metabolism, lean muscle tissue and body fat percentage. We will use this information to sit down with you and program a personalized nutrition program to fit your needs and fitness goals.

Once accepted into the program, each athlete will receive coaching, instruction, motivation and support by all of our coaches

This program is geared to all fitness levels and exercise experience

Each group participant may perform at their own level of intensity, based on their current fitness level and exercise experience. The training session is guided by our world class - certified strength & conditioning coaches and is implemented in a small group setting. Every athlete will receive coaching, corrections and guidance at each session. We pay close attention to athlete’s form, posture and technique during each session.


- General Strength & Conditioning (High School - Adults)

- CrossFit (High School - Adults)

- Boot Camp (High School - Adults)

- Olympic Lifting (High School - Adults)

- Powerlifting (High School - Adults)

- Spartan Training (Middle School, High School & Adults)

- Speed & Agility (Middle School, High School & Adults)

- Sports Specific Training (Middle School, High School & Adults)

- Weight Lifting  (Middle School, High School & Adults)


If you would like more information please call 805.551.6444 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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