About Us

  • #1 Performance Training Facility in Westlake Village
  • Home of the 4 Week Athletix Challenge
  • Official Certified USPA, USAPL & CrossFit Training & Competition Center
  • Home to World Champion Fitness Competitors & Professional Athletes
  • Home to Collegiate, High School & Middle School Athletes in the area
  • Also home to beginners looking to regain their fitness and improve their quality of life

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At ATHLETIX we believe there is an Athlete inside of everyone. We have athletes of all ages, sizes, shapes and experience, so you will never have to worry about fitting in. Our athletes have been taught to welcome all new athletes and help make them feel comfortable and welcomed. We are one big happy family of driven individuals with a common purpose and like minded goals. Most of our athletes would have never considered themselves athletes before they started training at Athletix

ATHLETIX has been instructing physical fitness, athletic training and proper nutrition programs to individuals, corporations, athletes, law enforcement, fire fighters, military, sports organizations, schools and community centers since 1985

Our coaches have college degrees in either; exercise science, athletic training, or sports medicine, and they are certified by national recognized organizations such as: NSCA, USPA, USAW, NASM
Most importantly they are all competitive athletes in various sports and have grown up involved in athletics and health & fitness all their life. Our coaches PRACTICE what they preach!

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